Masonry fireplace designs

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Masonry fireplace designs

A beautifully lit fire in the hearth can add attraction to your place. Most houses feel and look more snug if they are equipped with a hearth. Put in practice your creativity to increase the goodliness of your hearth and also make it more durable. Before selecting fireplace for your house you should think about some necessities to make your hearth better.

  • Mantel. A mantel is the stone or wood joist that works as a underpinning for the structure above a fireplace. Get yourself a wood mantel finished in cherry, warm oak, birch.
  • Base. The fireplace is always built at the base of a chimney. It is considerable to point out the base of a fireplace before you buy it.
  • Trims. Trims are just a molding on the sidepieces of fireplace. Fireplace trims are available in stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze.
  • Firebox. Firebox is a hearth where the fuel is burned up. Normally firebox sizes are adjustable by field cutting.

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