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Fireplace screen custom

The correctly installed, good-quality fireplace screen will definitely help protect your fireplace, therefore try to get a one that will match your interior design. There are two primary kinds of fireplace screens:

  • Spark guard or flat guard style screens have a massive mesh cover that is set up before the fireplace and wholly closes the fireplace opening. Such units afford the highest rate of safeness and an untrammeled view of the fire.
  • Fireplace screens with doors are mounted snugly in front of the fireplace for occupational safety. The doors commonly have magnetic locks and open without having to remove the entire screen to get access to the firebox. This eases the replenishment of fuel and scouring away the ashes.

After you have chosen the fireplace screen, you can accomplish the whole look and functionality of your hearth by choosing right wood holders and fireplace tools.

Take into consideration that fireplace openings in the United States do not have standard sizes, consequently it's essential to meter your opening size accurately to gain a sufficient fit.

With the perfect fireplace screen in place, you will be able to sit back and enjoy glow and warmth of a crackling fire in your fireplace.

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