Craftsman freestanding fireplace screen

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Craftsman freestanding fireplace screen

A fireplace screen is designed to perfectly carry out two features: putting up the safety of your fireplace by averting sparks from damaging flooring, hurting children and precluding your lodging from conflagration as well as enriching the appearance of your fireplace. Fireplace screens can be ordered in many shapes and designs. But keep in mind that some are designed only for looks - not safety.

There are conventional stained glass fireplace screens that look good, especially in a more hereditary furnishings. Yet keep in mind that stained glass is only for looks and not for safety. The stained glass is not meant to block sparks since it cannot sustain the great heat that a typical fire will produce.

Conventional glass fireplace screen can also look good. Such items are made of a specific high heat glass that can sustain the intense heat that a fire will create. But not all glass fireplace screens are the same. To make sure, it should be better to check with the maker and review their specifications.

The customer may choose from copper, polished iron, pewter, steel, wrought iron, chrome etc. The range of contemporary fireplace screens is only provided by your fantasy and budget.

With the fitting fireplace screen in place, you will be able to sit back and enjoy warmth and glow of a crackling fire in your fireplace.

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