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Fireplace screen

Fireplace screens are available in a number of shapes and designs, and while majority of them are standard in size, their value and price may vary. When searching in your local home improvement or fireplace stores or in the internet, you will find fireplace screens to meet different price ranges, and the options are almost limitless. But remember that the fireplace screen you purchase can modify the overall appearance of your room, and if you buy too cheap item, you may need to make another purchase.

Here are the main types of fireplace screens available on the market today:

  • Fireplace screens made of steel or heavy iron will be the best pick, but this choice is often quite expensive. However the advantages of purchasing a massive hearth screen certainly overbalance the drawbacks and for sure need to be taken in account.
  • Fireplace screens produced from lightweight metal have commonly lower cost, but at the same time the quality is, as a rule, also lower.

When choosing a fireplace screen, keep in mind the design of your room. Explore the pictures of different products (for example in our picture gallery), and you will discover that the styles of fireplace screens may vary from the baroque scrollwork to the fairly simple and contemporary in appearance. Still, the design usually doesn't have much influence on the price of an item, so take this into consideration when deciding on a style.

Keep in mind that if you don't have a fireplace tool set, it may be advantageous to purchase a fireplace screen with tools included. This can save a significant sum of money because tool sets are often as expensive as the hearth screens themselves.

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