Electric fireplace

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Electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces are extremely popular because they use up-to-date technologies and of course have safety options. Such fireplaces can be easely installed and are not difficult to maintain. Electric fireplaces are equipped with power saving facilities and many of them are actually versatile to change the allocation as well. Still it is substantial to learn how to select the proper design and size of electric fireplace for your house.

In contrast to a real fireplace, an electric one is blowing heat directly into the room, which induces the circulation and prevents the warm air from raising to the ceiling. Moreover, such type of fireplace has no chimney. Just like regular gas fireplaces, electric ones can be switched on and off by pressing the button. Furthermore, almost all of the electric fireplaces come with a remote control, so you can operate them even without getting out of your recliner or sofa.

Before picking out the fireplace, remember to meter the wall of the room where you plan to put the item, both its width and height. The dimensions of the fireplace must be between half to one-third of the height of the room's wall, and approximately the same for the accessible open width, not considering any cabinets, shelves or doors that may occupy the space of the wall.

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